Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogaversary Count Down

I guess it is the "thang" to do when we have a blogaversary...have a give-away. I think the reason many of us choose to do this is because it's such a milestone. Those outside of the blog world don't realize the impact and how important it is. Some may think it's just crazy women (and some men) rambling about what they ate for breakfast or what time they went to the potty. NOT. It's about so much more. Ministry, love, friendships, bonds, healing. Some of my closest and bestest friends are online...some I've never heard their voices and none I've seen their faces outside of a picture. I feel weird saying this to my "in person" friends because again I just don't think the bonds in this atmosphere are understood. The word "blog" seems to have a trivial connotation to some "outsiders".

For the record, for my sanity, for your wonderful knowledge, let me share how God birthed me into this world. No not the physical world. I think you can all figure, dad, together, sperm, egg, Paula.

When my sweet beloved left 21 months ago (in June 2007), I remember that fall going online to I haven't a clue why I did. Maybe some sort of junk mail from I perused the site and clicked on about seven devotionals to which I subscribed. I read those daily for a while but soon found how crazy I was as I couldn't keep up with them. I am now down to three from those original but I've since added another one from Rejoice Ministries. One of the devotionals was Proverbs 31. I think every woman in blogland knows of P31. Ironically though, not many do outside blogland (at least the ones in my small town), maybe because we are far from the Carolinas.

One devotional of P31 was written by Rachel Olsen. I don't have a clue what she wrote. I just know at the bottom where it always gives the blog site, it said join her for a study on the women of the Bible. Alright! I signed up. Man, it was awesome. I began to meet these women...these women in the Bible and in blogland. I read my assignments, I commented, I read other comments. To this day, I still remember the majority of what I learned. We read about the obvious ones: Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Potiphar's wife. But then those I hadn't known: Rahab, Deborah, Jael (stabbing the man with a tent spear!).

I would visit the blogs of several of the women doing the study. I know at one time Rachel had over 100 comments on her study. It was a big group and a big deal, especially for me in many ways. I would visit other blogs and think "wow, I wish I could do that. She is gifted. She has a gift for writing. I wish I could write like that." I thought that every time I visited a great blog.

One day, I was forwarding an email to my church ladies' small group. As usual, I don't just forward inspirational emails. No, I have to put my two cents in and write something. That is exactly what I was doing...and...BAM! Mid sentence, God spoke. He said "you can write. You can create a blog and write what is in your heart." I remember, I cut my email short to the girls, and said "God just spoke to me, I've got to go." I went right to blogland and created it. I remember just the words "His Way". I knew that my life was not happening the way I wanted nor the way I thought. I knew He had a plan and He would restore my marriage and my life and my heart but in HiS WaY. I knew there was a scripture to support that. "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways," declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8.

And thus...His Ways was created in me. My sweet beloved had told me over the years together that I had a gift for writing when I'd write him letters, cards, emails. He would always say how well I wrote this or that. Always. I never really thought much of it. I knew for a long time I was better at the written word than the verbal one as I need the time to process my thoughts and formulate in my head.

So, with that came my first post on April 9, 2008 entitled He Spoke.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have the impact I do on others. I still don't think I impact many for much. BUT, I have to believe and trust what my readers and now wonderful friends tell me. I have to remember it's not the numbers. Even with 63 followers, my flesh wants to say but I only have ten comments or six, or sixteen. It's not about numbers. It's about souls. And if you read and are encouraged but never comment and tell me that, it's okay because your soul is better for it. I would like to be selfish and say please comment and comment regularly. Tell me how my writings make you feel, good or bad.

I don't remember how it came about, but then God spoke to me my blog mission. I believe in one post I had just written a couple sentences. Then later I went back to retrieve them and officially claimed that as my blog mission: to enrich your life, encourage your heart, enlighten your mind, and strengthen your walk.

So because I learn from the best, I am going to leave you with that cliff hanger. I'll be back to tell you how I want to bless my pReCiOuS pEePs in celebration of how you have blessed me and what God has done in me and through me. I love you precious peeps.

Come back now, ya hear.

Lovin' Him and Lovin' Ya'll,

© Copyright 2008


Angela said...

What a beautiful post. Our Lord is so amazing!! I was just talking to someone that I met through blogging on the phone yesterday and giggling about how I call the ladies that I met through blogland 'friends' (sisters, family, etc.) and if I 'saw' them on the street or the store, would I even recognize them? I have been SO blessed, encouraged and loved by God's leading me to so many wonderful sisters and can't thank Him enough for that....I will definitely be coming back girl, ya hear? lol

Rachel Olsen said...

Hey Paula, happy “Blog-Aversary” sweet friend!

I’m so glad you pointed me here because your post touched tender places in my heart. You see, when I started my blog what I hoped – really this desire under girds all my ministry efforts – was to nudge women to draw closer to the heart of God AND to one another. You are a precious example of that.

That Bible study was a big undertaking, coming at a very busy time in my life, but it was such a blessing to me and something that I had felt God prompting me to do. Right here we see some of God’s purposes for that playing out. Cool, huh?

So thanks for telling me, thanks for being a cyber-friend, and thanks for shining the light of Christ as you do. And by the way,super cool blog! Beautiful!

Smiles & Hugs ~ Rachel

Anonymous said...

What an interesting story on how your blog came to be. Happy Blog-Aversary!

Abba's Girl said...

I for 1 am so glad we found each other in blogland...your posts inspire and always point to the Lord and His mercy and grace. Happy Blogaversary!


much2ponder said...

You have an award over at my place. Come on over and pick it up:)

God's Girl said...

Hi Paula,
I was just thinking about you and the Lord put it on my heart to pray for you. I pray that you are doing well and that the Lord would be your all in all! I pray that God would reveal His extravagant love on you this week in a special way.

Love to friend!

God's Girl said...

Well... I thought I followed you and then when I ran across an email from you, I realized I didn't. So, I came for a visit. Anyway, I follow you now.

So, I'm glad the Lord had me see that email.

Your sweet comments have blessed me.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sharon said...

Awwww Happy blogAversary, Mine was on friday! I felt as though You were writing part of how I came along to with Rachel. Very Nice, she was our encourager wasn't she.
I loved the bible studies as well.
Wow we started at the same time just a couple days apart.

You know how much you have inspired me since we started, I so appreciate YOU!
You have been a true blessing to me!
Be Blessed my friend

Laura said...

And you do bless, Paula. your faith never ceases to inspire. I'm so glad you came into the blogosphere! maybe one day we will get to meet face to face? That would be awesome!

Love you,

On Purpose said...

What a great and beautiful life celebration! What a great journey, writing down these moments of God walking with you and speaking with you...recording it for others to see Him working! Congrats on celebrating these moments!

CathM said...

Paula. Congratulations on reaching this all-important milestone. Thanks for sharing the inspiration and struggle behind your blogging journey. And thanks for the various links. Keep writing & keep blogging because you DO encourage and inspire many of us in the blog-universe :)

Pam said...

Loved reading how your blog got started! Can't wait to see what you decide to do for a giveaway! you've already given me a gift so I feel like I've already won! :)

Carol said...

Paula my sweet peep, I love the history you wrote here about how you came into the blog world. I thank the Lord that you listened to His calling. My life is richer cause your in it.

Love you much.