Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do You: Trust or Worry?

Do you have a hard time trusting God? Do you worry a lot? If you trust God, do you really need to worry? If you are worrying, then are you really trusting God? Trust doesn't equal worry. It is a hard to balance trust and worry and to keep everything in the right perspective. It takes effort to transform from a worry wart to trust tot. They say one who worries doesn't trust God and one who trusts God doesn't worry. I wish it were that easy. I understand the concept of whoever created that cliche. However, it's not really accurate to say because we do worry about an issue that we don't trust God or that because we are trusting God we don't have worries. If we take it a step further, and not in a broad sense, then this would apply if we say that from issue to issue. It would be fair to say that if we are worrying over our income or job loss, then we are not trusting God in that “area” of our life yet we are trusting Him in other areas.

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Matthew 6:25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Matthew 6:27 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

I can clearly say that I am not worried about the selling of my house. It is an emotional roller coaster but after ten months on the market, I know that God will sell it in His time and His way. I know this. At times I wonder what He is waiting for but I trust He knows what He's doing and has reasons (besides the slow market!). He may also be working in the potential buyer’s life. He may need to further prepare me for the move. He may need to prepare a new place to live. So I fully trust Him even though at times I get anxious just to know the plan. Now, take a more personal issue that deals with other people, then I cannot say I fully leave my worry at His Feet all the time. Though in the last week I feel the weight has lifted. It's not a matter of not trusting Him but realizing He doesn't force His Hand on anyone and it is fear of the other people involved will not see the true path God wants to be traveled. Yet, I do trust Him with the results regardless of the actions of others. I know that He has me in His care. If my heart’s desires aren't fulfilled because He cannot force others to follow His plan, then I do know He'll make the best out of my life.

I say this to express that there are some areas of our lives that we can much more easily give to the Lord and fully trust in Him. I have found that the areas that are closest to our heart’s, our deepest heart’s desires, can be hard to release into His Hands. Those issues that involve the hearts and emotions of others and are based on their decisions are also difficult to leave at His Feet. This is because we know God will not infringe on a person’s free will. So, even though God’s desires and our desires line up, He may very well be waiting on another person to open his/her heart fully to God’s desires. We don’t know why your son has gone a year without a job offer. We don’t know why your sister hasn’t become pregnant. We don’t know why your friend hasn’t found sufficient housing. We don’t know why your co-worker hasn’t found a mate. We don't know why your brother lost his job. We don't know why Christian marriages end. All these situations involve more than just one person. So, when we are seeking the Lord for answers in our lives, He very well may be waiting on another piece of the puzzle. Maybe He needs to teach us something about patience. Maybe He wants to teach us about trusting Him fully.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

We need to continually examine our hearts. When we begin to worry over things, we must recognize that is occurring. At that time, we must stop our way of thinking and replace those thoughts with God being in control and taking care of things the best way He sees fit (without forcing His will). I've written on trust in the past and we've examined and know that God is very much worthy of our trust. We need to do our part to recognize the thoughts of worry and transform them into trust. Replace worry with trust so that we can say we fully have trust in God; therefore, we do not have worry in our heart. There is power in our thinking. We must take control of our thought life. If we continually worry, God will see that as a lack of trust. He may continue to allow unstable situations in our lives until we let go and trust Him fully. Think on this, if we have no problems then there is no opportunity for us to show God that we will not succomb to worry but rather trust Him completely. If we have not exemplified our trust in Him, He very well may continue to allow those unstable situations, so that we come to a point of letting it all go and realizing worrying will not change anything but rather trusting God will change things. Trusting God is an act of showing God we acknowledge His control and His role in our life.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Be Blessed in Him,


Amy said...

Beautiful thoughts, Paula.
They make me think of Psalms 46:10.

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

I hope you have a lovely rest of this weekend!
God Bless,

Sheryl said...

Oh, so you found some time to post. Great thoughts! Trust is an issue we all struggle with, easier in some areas than others.

I've written many times about just trusting God, period! Is He trustworthy? Absolutely.

Hope you have a great weekend,

littlerad said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your beautiful words of encouragement for me they mean a lot to me, I hope you have a great Mothers Day...

Anonymous said...

Trust is a hard lesson to learn - it's one of those we get the chance to learn over and over again! :)

Great post, Paula.

valerie said...

Hi Paula.
Thank you for the comment on my blog. I have had a great Mother's Day!
This is another great post.
Trusting God...really trusting Him has not been an easy thing for me to do through the years.
I've always known He'll take care of me and my needs, but the worry part...the in-the-meantime part is what's hard. I always think I need to help God out a little. :)
I'm getting better. He has proved faithful too many times for me not to trust Him and His timing.
I put a post on my blog back in Feb. about trusting God. I wrote about a time back a couple of years ago when my husband found out that the company he worked for had been sold. He'd been with that company since 1989. For over a year he stayed in that large 29 story building, helping maintain it, with only 2 or 3 other people. He stayed, while others were offered jobs elsewhere... not knowing what was going to happen.
God proved faithful. It was 14 months later when the present company bought the building and hired him. Now he has better pay, better benefits, bonuses twice a year and more.
God always knows best and like Amy said...Ps. 46:10 is what we need to do.
Thanks for the reminders and the great verses.
Talk to you soon.

Mary said...

I see that the Lord has given you another message since you left comments on my blog. I believe God will give you the topic to write in His timing. A scripture has come to my mind a number of times, "Be still and know. ."

When you were saying that we do not have the answers for so many things, I thought about Job. He asked the Lord many, many questions but the Lord didn't answer any of them. And yet in the end Job's experiences opened his eyes to see the holiness of God

Paula, keep writing and keep blessing!


JnL4God said...

Hope you had a nice day.
Talk to you later.
Be Blessed.

My cup runneth over... said...

Thanks for your visit and kind comment yesterday. = )

I really enjoyed this post. You know...I have such peace about trusting God with so many things yet in some areas, I struggle often with worry. Not sure why that is, because some of things that are closest to my heart are those which I feel much peace over. And other things that aren't as important "in the grand scheme" can sometimes throw me into repetitive bouts of fear, stress and worry. I'll be thinking about this for awhile, and praying God helps me learn to let go and fully trust him, not just about some things...but everything.

Tracy = )

valerie said...

The tornadoes near us...this time.
However, my husband's cousin, his wife & his aunt traveled home from the family reunion back to McAlister, OK in some pretty serious weather. There were small tornadoes where they live. They made it safe and sound though. The one that hit hard is way up in the NE part of the state. We're pretty much right in the center of OK.
Thanks for asking and for being concerned though. It can get pretty scary around here during tornado season.
Have a great day!

valerie said...

It must be too early for me to write this morning :)
I meant to say in my previous comment..."The tornadoes weren't near us this time..."

Cyndy said...

For me, when I worry and God is asking me if I trust Him, the worry is usually because I fear losing control of the situation. I love the Phil. 4:6-7 verse because it is in prayer when I am able to give up my need to control (which I can't really do anyway) and experience His peace.
Thanks for stopping by...the picture on my blog is from a Ginn Reader published in the early'60's, maybe you're remembering a reading class? :)

Lelia Chealey said...

This was a great reminder for me. I went to hear Beth Moore last year & she spoke of this very thing. Great word friend!

Kristen said...

As a REALTOR, how I wish all my clients looked at their home sales the way you do. I am also one that believes God has His purpose even in the process of selling and buying homes! :)

I used to be a "big" worrier. It was an area of my life that at times really kept me captive. Anxiety - ugggh! How it kept me up at night. Now whenever I feel that feeling of anxiety creep in - immediately I begin praying. And I pray until I feel completely at peace. I pray until I have completely let go of the albatross that Satan has tried to hang around my neck. When I pray I have to trust that the Lord will take it. YOu are so right... trust is an area we all struggle with. And it certainly is easier in some areas than others. We have to just let go and trust that He will do what He says He can do!!! Believe Him!

Anonymous said...

RYC: Thank you for stopping by my blog Paula. I really appreciate what Bob and Charlynne have to say about the Lord and marriages. I've not been divorced or separated, however, I believe their message of the prodigal applies to all prodigals and I get encouraged by their posts for all of my unsaved loved ones. I will spend some time reading your blogs as soon as I have a bit of free time. I do appreciate your visit and leaving a comment.

Yolanda said...

I love that God KNEW and KNOWS we will fear (which in my pea pickin' brain is not trusting) as He placed "do not fear" 365 times in the Holy blue print for our lives.

I have a hard time hanging on to, instead of releasing and trusting, my siblings and father. Lord, help me!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Trusting God for so many things this day...for the season yet to come. I know you are too. May God continue to grow our trust in Him alone. Only he is worthy of such devotion.

Happy Tuesday~elaine

Amy said...

hi Paula, thanks for your comment at my blog. I've contacted both Lynn and Iris about adding your blog to the blogroll :-)


GOD'S LADIE said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting such an encouraging word. Praise GOD! Our faith and trust pleases GOD. I believe so deeply that MY GOD, MY FATHER is going to perform the impossible. HE has done it before and HE will do it again and again and again. I believe GOD with you Paula for whatever it is that you are praying and believing HIM for and I stand in total agreement that it is done in JESUS' name. Thanks for the encouraging word! GOD bless you! Your miracle is on the way!

DidiLyn said...

I am so thankful to Him for teaching...not just letting us wallow in our ignorance. I love Him so much for caring enough to do this!
Thanks for writing this post. And, btw, I absolutely adore the name of your blog AND the gorgeous flower picture. You rock!!

God Chaser said...

i read you comments on trust and your comments at my site- they conect-trust God you are never alone-you know that- praise your way through- accept God may give you the miracle you desire and He may say no- this is not the plan I have for you but whatever the outcome know God will never leave you or forsake you. It only appears you are alone but God is working everything out for your good. Yes it is very hard not to worry but believe me God has your back and if you lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him He will direct your paths and He just may direct it to a miracle you never even imagine or thought you wanted. Trust God as I know you do.

MrsJoeB said...

Paula-I have been in your shoes-divorce & remarriage. I want to respond to your blog post so would you send me your e-mail address? Until then, may I remind you of David, who committed adultry, married his sin and still was a man after God's own heart!! Many Christian views of divorce and remarriage fit the words in scripture only but not the character of God. There is so much to interrupt here, Please e-mail me. I know your pain and frustration.

In His Graces~Pamela