Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chill Out & Rest

Come with my precious peeps and examine chapter nine, "Chill Out: Be At Rest, O My Soul", of Jennifer Rothschild's Self Talk, Soul Talk book. When you are finished reading my insight, go to Lelia's to check what others said.
Jennifer quotes author, Rob Schwarzwalder, as saying "Each soul is like a carefully wired circuit breaker than can function splendidly when operating according to its design but which, when overloaded, crackles with the sparks and shouts of a system bearing more than it can hold." Breathe. That's one long sentence but quite true. I'll give you a moment to read it again as it's a lot to chew.

My system malfunctioned and over the course of two years I was bearing more than I could hold. My system did more than cracks and pops. Flames spewed. Fires burned out of control. My body failed with ailment so discretely. My mind became clouded. My heart overcame with grief and down trotted. My spirit and personality hardened to something unrecognizable. Again, all done very slowly and discretely. Time for a major chill out. A check up. A reconditioning. A rejuvenation in my soul with my God. Unfortunately, all was not done without a major life change and massive heart break.

My eyes popped out when I read this. "Researches define burnout as a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations." Wow. That was me. Had you ever asked me, I wouldn't have recognized it as such. I was overcome with being constantly drained by discord among a few loved ones close to me. For three years, my mind never rested. Instead, the emotional pain, drama, dysfunction, and discord only intensified.

Even without focusing on the issues, in retrospect I see my mind, heart, and soul never rested but rather continually sought resolution to these concerns involving the heart, emotions, and relationships. I see now I should've found peace with no resolution, possibly saving some instead of striving to save all the relationships. I wanted all relationships fixed but I see now, I should've let go of the lesser and focused on the two God called me to: God and spouse.

What an easy target I was. Prime meat for satan....weary, straggling, tired, barely hanging on by my fingertips...susceptible to his sneaky and deceptive attacks. What's the enemy do? Kick 'em while their down.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. 1 Peter 5:7-9

I should've FULLY cast my cares on Him and let go of these things. I should've been more on guard and alert, which partly comes from rest. I should've stood firm in my faith, acknowledging and resisting the enemy's attacks.

"We must choose for our wills to take a break from striving, for our minds to quiet the noise of thoughts, and for our emotions to detangle our knotted feelings." Oh, if I only knew how to do that back then. I never rested from my strive to peace relations where discord and dysfunction laid. I never rested from the detangled emotions and the entanglement of relational pain.

"You see, rest isnt' just what God did. Rest is who God is. His rest causes us to cease our striving and receive His serenity."

Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

"How difficult it can seem to remain in the place of rest! Life gets busy, events domino, our nerves fray, and well, you know how that goes."

Like most all things, it takes discipline. We must discipline ourselves to rest. David tells us to rest. Find rest, O my soul, in God alone. Psalm 62:5 God alone is the great Rest Giver. He will give it but we must seek it!!

Yes to rest, no to THE rest.
"Chances are if you say yes more than no, you need to rest."

Chilling and Resting in Him,

© Copyright 2008


Pam said...

ouch. ouch. ouch. and ouch... does God mention 6 kids anywhere in that rest thing?? ;) JK!! I am reminded again... thanks!!

kellybollman said...

yes, me too. needed to hear this one today. Right now... I keep staring at an instant message - hoping for a response. That's NOT rest - that's irritable fret. good grief. i'm going to cuddle up with my babes and rest in PEACE. Then restfully create dinner and delight in them and God's rest. Thank you friend!

HIS Daughter said...

That was what I needed today! I actually took a deep breathe, twice, when you wrote, "breathe".

I know this one like the back of my hand but I have to be reminded of it at least once a month! Your "enemy" and mine will gloat over us when we go down and I know that for a fact too.

Rest. Breathe. No that HE is working all things out for HIS glory.

Love you,
p.s. You need to download the video onto your computer of the different Esther sessions. They are at Lifeway for personal use and they are like 5.00 for each one. It's worth it, I promise!

Laura said...

I love your breathing breaks. This chapter was a much needed read for me this week...well...this month...okay, maybe this year. Seems there is never enough time. I need some soul rest! I let my mind fantasize when she was talking about taking a yearly getaway. Wouldn't if be fun to have a bloggy soul rest retreat somewhere?
Am I dreaming?

Paula said...

Wow, I blogged a post with these two verses in them two weeks ago, not realising that further study and meditation was available when I needed it most, which was last weekend (what a doozy it was!). I haven't ready chapter 9 yet but will do so today for sure and hopefully post within the next couple of days.

I love how you write about letting go and concentrating on only what matters. I have tried to make everyone happy and in the process I made myself unhappy and it snowballed. I have learnt that it's important to only worry about what is important (as you wrote, God and spouse. For me that is God, me, child and partner) and let God worry about everything else. I will include some of my thoughts on this in my post, which I now MUST do (hold me to it, OK!).

Love ya, the "other" Paula xo

Stacy said...

Wow and AMEN! You have expressed your feelings so eloquently and my heart is so relating to much of what you said. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your openness. Thank you for blessing me.

Sharon said...

Wow Paula, this is really a fix on me this morning. I am constantly telling myself to "breathe", I so need to relax more, "in his word"
I constantly remind myself "relax he is in control"
We have a huge picture at church that says that, I must read it 20 times while I am there!
My hubby always tells me to relax! :) This has been something I have been working on, so yes I am absorbing all of this, and it is a great reminder to me.
Thanks, Have a great week
Hugggsss & Blessings
Love ya

Angie said...

You hit me. Right punch. Strong. But necessary.
I'll tell you my family life suffered because I refused to rest--I tried to do it all...be it all...to all...without any thought for what was going on at home. My children suffered. So did my man.
It took years to regain what the enemy destroyed. BUT with God's help....we gain ground! Daily. AND WE PRAY---mighty hard. In the Spirit! I love my family...they are HIS gift to me. I learned that too much work...too many hours...too many jobs...is not what HE called me to.

THIS was such a blessing! I wish so much that I could have read this 9 years ago. Or further back...but someone is being reminded today when they read...of the importance of rest---in GOD.

Thank you dear Paula girl---for your dedicated heart to serving HIM. HE will reward you...HE hears those prayers...and knows what to do...and when.

Love you dearly sister!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your insights on this chapter. I too have had major struggles with saying no, and with clinging on by my fingertips. It has been a long hard road to learn to rest in Him.
Why should it be so hard to just rest! :)
Even recently I experienced it... still working on it today.
God bless,

Nicole said...

yes, I am guilty of this too. Although, I don't always say yes, I feel like I am doing a lot of things in my mind. At times it runs and runs. God says rest my child. Amen! Thanks for this.


On Purpose said...

How are you? Praying for you today!

valerie said...

I think we all need these wonderful verses to remind us often that we really can cast our cares on Him. He really will give us rest. I know I tend to pick my burdens up quite often and He's constantly telling me...."Give them to me, child!"

Great post Paula!

Wendy said...

While I have not read the book, I loved your post. How true is that we have to be reminded to rest. Just rest...away from all this world throws at us. Away from the roar so we can hear the whisper. Thanks!

Liz said...

Your post says it like it is, Paula! I could totally relate and really needed to hear this. Oh the suffering that accompanies burn out is not something I care to experience again.
I read Laura's comment about the bloggy retreat. I just told Lelia (last night on the phone) that I would love to do that! My home is open! Have room for many...11 bed places plus more room for mattresses and sleeping bags! LOL!
Resting too!

Carol said...

Sweet Friend,

Oh how true it is that when we stop looking to Him, we turn around and everything is so chaotic, and we are at our wits end.

Now we are both learning to rest, and focus on Him. I know looking back to that time is painful, but our Sweet Jesus has brought you so far. Continuing to pray for you and your beloved.

Love you much,

Sue said...

Paula, I am having trouble keeping up with the blogs I read. I'm glad I made it here to read your post about chapter 8. I had been trying to get people from my church who are mad at each other, and I don't know all the reasons why, to forgive each other. It wasn't a personal family thing like yours, but I was feeling stress over it that I didn't need to feel. God has taken me away from the situation, and I am praying for the people, but thankfully, I am able to rest in God, and not get burned out from worry or striving.

It sounds like you are in a better spot now, and are learning to rest in God. This is a great study!