Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He Spoke

I have been doing an online Bible Study led by Rachel Olsen (a woman of Proverbs 31 Ministry). It has been just wonderful. My desire and thirst for God's Word has increased 100-fold. I cannot wait to have time in the evening to read and ponder on His Word and if that doesn't happen, I am extremely disappointed and...hmmm...unfulfilled, unnourished. God's Word is how He speaks to us and prayer is how we speak to Him. Through this study and all these wonderful women who are participating, I have discovered the world of "blogging". So many of these women have blogspots and have been blessed by God with the ability to write and express themselves beautifully. I have the same desire to write. After reading some of these beautiful blogs over the last couple weeks, I thought I can't write so eloquently plus that requires creativity. I admit I had a little envy (sin) as I've always wanted to write and speak "officially".

So, I was forwarding an email devotional that I received from to some of my friends. I was typing a little blirp at the top of the email and just as I finished the seven or eight sentences, it struck me this is worthy of posting on a blog. I continued to think over all the emails I've written to friends about different subjects and the compliments I've received on my ability to write and express myself. At that point, the Lord spoke to me ever so silently that I do have the ability. I don't have to post every day so I don't have to over kill my creativity rather I will 'be still' and allow Him to speak to me something to share. I will post just in the same manner that the Lord leads me to forward inspirational emails to my friends.

If you've found me, please come back as I plan to post soon the inspirational and encouraging thoughts that I just emailed to friends.

Stay tuned for "Knowing Him".

Be Blessed In Him,


A God Chaser said...

Just let the Lord use you. I will be waiting to see what He gives you.

riverview said...

Congratulations Sweetpea, you did it!!!!!

I am sure that many of the ladies from Rachel's blog will be visiting you often, as I intend to do. I am really looking forward to seeing where the Lord's blessings will take you.

Good luck Sweetpea.



Karyl, Bonners Ferry, ID

Susan said...

SweatPea--thank you for the Prayer for Husbands (and ourselves) that you posted at the Abigail comment section. I printed it, and started praying it last night for my husband and for me!

I'll be back for more of your inspirations!

SweatPea said...

Thank you all SO much for your support and encouragement. I don't know where this will lead or how God will use this but I will put myself out there and be open to whatever He asks. I pray I don't let Him down nor do I not take full use of this possible opportunity.

I only wonder does one stumble onto a blog outside of being trailed from one site to another? I'm unsure how to "publicize" this blog outside of making it known to other bloggers on Rachel's site.

I guess the Lord will take care of that. I'm not necessarily called to minister to every person in the world but I know the Lord will lead to me whomever He knows needs me.

riverview said...

Ladies, I fervently send out a request for your prayers. My son has a blood clot in his leg and it has been moving upward. He is a heavy alcoholic/smoker. He is a very good man who has always helped people, i.e. EMT, Search & Rescue,and the National Diaster Team. Unfortunately, he let a divorce leave him bitter and broken, and as a result he has taken the wrong path. He desperately needs our prayers for salvation, healing and deliverance from these vices, as well as the ability to forgive. The doctor is very concerned about the clot reaching his heart.

Thank you so much ladies. I know this is a lot to ask to put on your plates, but I don't want to lose my son. I appreciate your help immensely.

God's blessings to each of you.

Your Sister in Christ,
Karyl ~ Bonners Ferry, ID

JnL4God said...

Sweat Pea,
Lookingi good. You might have to give me some tips. :)

Have a great day I'll talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetpea,

I'm not sure how you told me to navigate through this, but I chose to begin where your journey bagan. VERY impressive so far!!! Ron