Friday, April 3, 2009

Now the Give-Away

A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16

I shared with you last week in this post how God birthed this blog...His it's all for Him. Okay, maybe not, because when I write, I truly commune with Him and that is for me. I'm selfish, huh, I like communing with the Almighty. I like feeling His presence, love, and peace. Who doesn't?

So, this is what I have for you.

♥Leather Journal with Jeremiah 29:11 on the front
♥Beth Moore, Get Out of That Pit Journal
♥The Shack By William P. Young
♥P.S. God Loves You Too! By Connie Witter

With each of these, you will also receive a surprise item or two. This is what I'm asking of you. For fulfilling each of these you get one entry. You need to leave individual comments on this post for each item.

1. Leave me a comment telling me which item you'd prefer or like best. To complicate things even further, how about you tell me the order of your preference. (I would like to try to give the item of highest preference to each winner.--Okay I'm anal that way. I like to give gifts but prefer they be a gift choice of the recipients. That's a good quality right?)

2. Leave me a comment telling me that you are in my followers' list.

3. Leave me a comment telling me that you have written about my blogaversary contest on your own blog.

4. If you are ambitious, leave me a comment asking me a question you’d like to have me answer in an upcoming blog post.

So, you can comment four (4) times, each comment will be an entry, and each comment has to be one of the above topics!

Remember all comments must be left on this post and there must be one comment for each request.

Many curry favor with a ruler, and everyone is the friend of a man who gives gifts. Proverbs 19:6 I expect to make many friends through this give away. Okay?! Just teasing. I've already been blessed with many friends here.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 Amen, brother James. It is!

My life is in a little bit of chaos with packing, moving, painting, decorating, unpacking my households...from old to new, from past to current, from ending to beginning. I plan to draw a winner at the mid to end of next week. I'm closing on my "new" house on Good Friday. Easter weekend will be filled with color, paint, old sweats, worship tunes, me, the Father, and much praise for His goodness. So forgive me if there's a delay in the announcement and shipment.

Giving Unto You (Because He's Given Unto Me),

© Copyright 2008


andi said...

Ohhh, what fun!!! I think I'd like the Beth Moore one!!! Would love to see pictures of your new home!!!!! Before and after pictures would be so fun! Fun idea about a give away. Have a fun weekend!

Heather said...

Hi Paula,
Ok, for my first entry, I would love the leather journal (I do lots of journaling, and usually end up buying cheap spirals, cutting them down to fit into my bible case, just cause I can't afford those that are sold as "journals."

In order,
1. Leather journal
2. P.S. God loves you too!
3. Get out of that Pit Journal (I have it, but would give it away)
4. The Shack (I have it, but would give this away to a friend as well)

Heather said...

Here I am again,
I am in your follower's list... that's how I found this post so quickly! :)

God bless,

Stacy said...

Happy blog-a-vesary! Be careful while taking care of all the moving details. Praying that this new beginning begins with moments of pure joy.


Pam said...

love it!! let me get the simple one out of the way first... you know I follow!!

Pam said...

I guess i'd choose in this order...

1. leather journal (who couldn't use another one of these!)
2. P.S God loves you. (ive not read or heard of it!!)
3. Beth Moore's jounal (read the book already but not seen the journal)
4. the shack (because i own it and love it and already read it twice!!)

Laura said...

You are so organized!! I love all your prizes, but I'd probably prefer a new journal best (can you ever have enough?)Maybe the leather one? Either one would be lovely. I am one of your followers, BTW. A question...hmmm. I'd like to hear about a new beginning...umm, you know, the new house and all? I love the way you see things, Paula, and would love to hear how God speaks to you through it all.


Carol said...

Hey my Pea Pod,

You knew I'd be here.

First choice the Journal with the Jeremiah 29:11 verse, because that is my life verse.

Second choice Beth Moore, Get Out of That Pit Journal, because I've spent to much time in the pit.

Third Choice P.S. God Loves You Too! because I love the title.

Fourth The Shack. Because I've borrowed the book from a friend, then I can give hers back to her.

Carol said...

Haha I'm back again. I left you a post telling people to come and meet Sweet Pea.

Love ya,

Carol said...

Oh my friend this is too much fun. I'm in your followers list too.


Carol said...

Okay last one I promise ;)

A suggestion for you to post on Hmm..... okay praying for and sharing with our family members who don't know Jesus.

Something that has been my heart a lot.

Love ya friend. Thanks for all the fun.


Anonymous said...

A new house is exciting! I know how much work is involved and I also know the fun of moving to some place new! Are you moving to a new location as well or just a new house? None of my business I realize, just curious.

Tina said...

What a fun idea, you are a blessing! Well I would like the journal. If I get it I will give it to my son when he comes home because I have his old journals that are filled with heartache, pain and evidence of his struggle over the last few years. He is a gifted writer and he and I are praying that God would lead us to put his (our) story in writing hopefully to bring hope and healing to those struggling with drug addiction.

Tina said...

it's official, I'm a follower =)


Tina said...

Geez, I'm add

I don't always follow directions. I forgot to put the order. The leather journal first (original comment) then
2. Beth Moore, Get out of That Pit Journal (going to buy the book this week)
3. The Shack
4. P.S. God Loves You Too!

Tina said...

Ok, last comment

I made a post inviting people to come on over! I don't know how many people read my blog though... I did have a interesting anonymous comment once so perhaps more than I realize in any case if they come here they will be blessed!


Carol said...

Me again sweet one. hehe I made the change on my blog post.

Big hugs love ya,

Sharon said...

You crack me up, what a nice thing you are doing, well lets see I think you know I am a Faithful follower, I think I mentioned you on my blogaversary :)

God Loves YOU! :)
The Shack

And when I'm done I will be happy to share :)
Have a beautiful and blessed day my friend :)

Try not to work to hard, I know you are excited! Can't wait to see pictures of you all moved in and settled.

Tracy said...

Hi Paula,
Where to start! I went back and read the post "teasing" your giveaway (I had missed it...) I loved reading the story of how the Lord brought you to Blogworld. I wish I could remember through what means I found you (or you found me)...I'm just so glad! You indeed are doing a wonderful work for the Lord here. No doubt your blog sisters have been tools from Him of love & support during this nearly two year journey you've walked.

What an awesome giveaway! If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to do (as you did) and ask not to be included in the giveaway. God has been so good to me. I'd love to see other people receive those wonderful blessings instead. Thanks!

I think of and pray for you often in this whole process of the house. I can't help in a way but be very excited for you. My prayers continue yet for the greatest desire of your heart.

Congratulations on your Blogaversary!

With love & thanks for you,

P.S. Sorry this is so long! = )

Laura said...

Hey, Paula,

Your comment on my post today just touched my heart. I'm loving you, girlfriend. Don't give up on the dream.

Abba's Girl said...

when you get moved and settled please post a couple of pics of your new home.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I would love the Beth Moore one....Can't wait to see your new home.....

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am here again and I am a folower...and my second choice would be the leather journal...

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

My question is " What all are you having to do to get yor new house ready to be a cozy nest?"