Monday, October 6, 2008

Laced With Grace

You can find me here today.
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His Sweet Blessings to You!


Runner Mom said...

Great post, Paula! Mauch to ponder and pray over. I love the scripture from Matthew! It just gives me search a peace!

Love you!

Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Paula,
I just came over from Runner Mom and I loved your comments there. I love what you want to do with a ladies group and will come along side you to pray for that direction. While the party girl in me loves to be entertained the teacher in me knows that we women can party without help but this generation of women needs the truths of Jesus bad!

We need to know how to be Godly women! We need to know and truly believe that Jesus loves us and only wants our best. That He will stop at nothing to give us the best for us! Even when it doesn't look like what we believe is the best for us.

Anyway I just wanted to come by and encourage you! I will be praying!

Pamela R.

Tonya said...


Just stopping in to say "THANKS" for the comments you left at my blog. I see you're at "Laced With Grace." I was featured there one day but I TOTALLY missed it! (I found it later) I guess I've not hung out enough there to know how it's supposed to work?

Anyway, I'll scoot on over and check you out there!


Paula said...

Hi again my friend! Your post at Laced With Grace is amazing. We do try too hard as humans to do it all, and take it all on. We just aren't built like that. I look at the world now and feel sad that alot of people don't know that they have someone at their fingertips who can do it all for them. That is where we, as Christians, must show them by being an example and sharing God's goodness with them, and the joy that comes from believing in Jesus.

I love watching The Passion of the Christ from time to time so that I'm reminded of all that Jesus gave for us to make our lives free and less burdensome. His passion was, and is, us and we must never forget that. If we do, and if we keep trying to do it all, then His walk up the hill carrying the cross, and then dying on it for us, was all in vain.

Thank you for a wonderful post. Love In Him, Paula :-) xo

Nicole said...

Great post Paula! He is the one that we need to let carry our burdens. I want to travel light!