Thursday, October 2, 2008

CWO: Internet Cafe Devotion

You can find me here today. Any comments left there will be forwarded to me.

If you haven't yet read my post about Ms. Perfection from our online study of Behind Those Eyes, see the post below.

Even if you are not studying with us, please read it and feel free to comment.

His Sweet Blessings to You!


skoots1mom said...

confident expectation indeed...he amazes me how he answers us more cleverly than we could ever imagine!

Tara said...

I too can be surprised that I got an answer to prayer.. I notice when I write my prayers down and go back the next day or so, I am amazed to see what God has done.. sometimes in big ways and sometimes in tiny itsy bitty ways. Thanks for your reminder today at the cafe!

DeeDee said...

Found you from the Internet Cafe today...
Beautiful Blog -
I was going to add my name to your list of followers - but it was not working correctly when I was here :( I will be back.
Come follow me too -
Sweet Blessings,

DeeDee said...

there ... now it is working
....following you :)

nancyk said...

thank you for the encouragement to keep trusting God in prayer. i've been praying for 6 months for a job for my husband, no job as yet, but somehow my meager salary is keeping us going each month. God has always taken care of our needs, i have no reason to believe He would stop now.
i love your blog, i will check in again.

Paula said...

I am so delighted that you got a guest gig at the Cafe! When I ready "Please welcome Paula Powell", I thought, "oh, it's MY Paula!" Hehe...again, your post is wonderful and you have helped clarify alot of things for me in terms of asking confidently, in His name, and receiving. I've had moments where this has happened, and I too forget to thank Him until I've realised later that He did actually answer my prayer. We are truly blessed by Him. Love ya, (the other) Paula ;-) xo

much2ponder said...

You are so right, why indeed would we pray and not expect the Lord to work in our lives? He hears every prayer and wants only what is best according to his will for our lives. I will remember that the next time I pray and then begin to hope for the answer...of course he will answer, maybe not as I would like, but he will answer in some way.

Runner Mom said...

That was great! I do sometimes ask Him for little things in prayer, but I don't expect an answer because they seems so insignificant.

Those scriptures need to be hidden in my heart!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but sometimes when I am waiting on the Lord, I grow weary. I want things to change so desperately. When that happens, I don't give up, I pray! Without fail, the Lord strengthens me and I am able to continue on again. Of course, only in His strength mind you.

Amy said...

"Don't be afraid; just believe." ~Mark 5:36

That was beautiful, Paula!

The verse that I shared here was on my sidebar today. God's timing is so perfect, amen?;)It goes so well with what you shared.

God Bless,

Sheryl said...

Yay, good for you. How fun to be on Internet Cafe. Isn't it funny how we (I) don't really expect Him to answer our prayers. He always does, just in different ways that we would have imagined.

Great job,